Who Are We?

Who Are We?

This Changelog was created by Weseeclearly, and is now maintained by Weseeclearly and his business partner, Awaken.eth. Short intros in their own words below.


I go by Wes, short for Weseeclearly.

I am a visual artist with a background in painting and garment construction. I am dedicating this chapter of my life to developing holistic interfaces. This comes out of my deep fascination with whole, living systems, and spiritual science.

My value statement is encompassed in

. I believe that we have all the tools and knowledge we need to balance ourselves and our world. Everything I do is to contribute to that, though it’s not so important people know that about me. If I’m successful, then the results will speak for themselves.

🏠 Boston β†’ Paris β†’ New York β†’ Beijing β†’ Berlin

✨ Gemini Sun Pisces Asc Capricon Moon

πŸ”· 2/4 Manifestor - Right Angle Cross of Tension 2


I am a UI designer and ecosystem researcher. I joined this project because I believe that transparency is an important aspect of sovereignty, the development of which is front and center for me.

I worked under NDAs for all of my career and am no longer interested in upholding information monopolies and knowledge leverage. It is time to overcome the conditioning to compete, because we are in dire need of collective wisdom (to bind this proliferation of intelligence) and action.

🏠 Glasgow

✨ Capricorn Sun Taurus Asc Scorpio Moon

πŸ”· 6/2 Projector - Left Angle Cross of Masks



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Transformative Modular Textile Design by E.S. Hur and B.G. Thomas


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