Modularity noun /ˌmɑː.djəˈler.ə.t̬i/ — The quality of consisting of separate parts that, when combined, form a complete whole.
We're bent on making Modularity more than a gimmick: its stylistic and environmental implications are just too generative to ignore. Upgradeable parts/plugins are expected of other "-wares", but on clothing we're basically limited to zip-off hoods and arms that are not interoperable with other garments. What a missed opportunity! Why should whole garments get tossed if it’s just the print that’s outmoded, or the cuff that’s worn out? Imagine a collection, or better yet a marketplace, of interchangeable graphics & parts put out by different brands or artists. In the face of safe and expected collabs, we initiate the unexpected. How would that essentialize & revitalize our closets? What kind of mash-ups would you set off by remixing Gucci with grandma?

sketches for upcoming MetaGEAR drop
sketches for upcoming MetaGEAR drop


Here—Leading up to our first modular jacket, we released two “coloring book” sweatshirts with their own paint marker sets. We first need to prime retail fashion for a bit more DIY, then explore what incentives will move customers from hesitation, to exploration, into co-creation.

Ahead—Remixable elements that are compatible across the entire collection, such as interchangeable linings and modular patch systems [for visual flexibility and increased styling options]. Guest designers launch “plugins” that enable the wearer to update, and reconfigure, their own looks. Why cram ten hoodies into your drawers, if it’s the graphic alone that changes?

Horizon—two aspects of clothing construction compound negatively against modularity: clunky attachment mechanisms at seams where they’re especially noticeable. We aspire to innovate more streamlined hardware, while implementing them according to innovative pattern construction that is more suited to a body in motion.


We are still building out this section. Please check back soon.


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