Clothing is Metadata

Clothes have incredible stories to tell, but no ways to tell them. The value add of provable, selective provenance—meaning that information is programmed rather than tracked—is astronomical in our content-hungry but privacy-sensitive age. MetaFactory has been embedding KONG chips into its premier garments since the very beginning, and we’ve only brushed the surface of what’s possible when physical garments also live as on-chain entities.


Here—our premiere drops ship with KONG chips, which are essentially crude cold storage wallets. We are also very close to releasing our NFTs, paired to every drop, which contain in their metadata designer and project info, manufacturing facts, and other related data points.

Ahead—more comprehensive utilization of KONG chip technology. KONG has just released an upgrade to their chips which greatly enhances their functionality and ease of use. We are excited to explore all the possibilities here, as we have barely scratched the surface.

Horizon—bringing physical modularity and NFT composability together. Think: assembling legendary sets with NFT interactions, that grant utility, access, and revenue share. Provenance is also an untapped value vector for clothing: when we overlay a garment with ledgers of place & person, time & event, material & construction stack, we’re telling a much richer (and substantiated) story.


We are still building out this section. Please check back soon.





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