A Note on Quests


Quests are a cuter way of saying “skillshare” or “bulletin board of requests/offers.”

My dream is to connect with similarly minded and hearted people who possess complementary skills—whether it’s for building out parts of my projects or for contributing to others.

I’ve had a few years’ experience working within and across decentralized organizations, and I’ve learned that the best chance at finding productive partners and teammates is in clearly communicating who you are, where you come from, what you want to do, what you’re looking for, what you can offer, etc. You can never have enough data points, so the more the better. I believe that the style and content of this site is one way to profile who I am, and then the specifics of the requests should give some sense of skill-complements, timeframes, value exchange, etc.


We are still building out this section. Please check back soon.


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