Zero Waste

Fabric, whether it’s knitted or woven, generally comes flat and rectangular. When clothes with curved seams—which constitute all our wardrobe stapes—are cut from rectangular fabric, 15% of the fabric on average is wasted. Zero Waste is a garment design approach that repositions and aligns seams for total fabric utilization, without noticeably distorting the shape of the garment. It takes serious puzzle work, which we leave to our partner (and co-leasee) Danielle Elsener/DECODE, a master of the craft.


Here—we already offer zero-waste t-shirt blanks to our partners, and will introduce zero-waste hoodies next. Our partners (and co-lessees) DECODE design and manufacturer all our zero waste products in Brooklyn, NY, as well as source custom knit fabric from LA.

Ahead—once our blanks are finalized, we’ll move into shirts, jackets and pants. We expect this to happen sooner rather than later, as Danielle Elsener of DECODE has already designed these garments.

Horizon—where else can MetaFactory and MetaGEAR apply the zero-waste approach? Material waste recapture is where we’ll focus next, offering upcycling and repair options. We see a convergence of utility and creative expression through the generative constraint of applying zero waste to as many aspects of our operations as possible, from fulfillment through to interpersonal coordination and individual output.


We are still building out this section. Please check back soon.


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