A Year of Planned Accomplishments

This AI transcription/summary was created on @November 29, 2023. Listen to the original recording here.

TL;DR Since April 2023, a document has been used for planning and tracking yearly goals, with most objectives achieved except for community engagement. The process has enabled achievement of these goals with minimal need for constant reviews. A revised version of this document is now being prepared for publication on the website WSC.FYI.
(daily creating - the images included in each post are taken from the day’s work. Maybe a theme or format will emerge, but for now I am just including snapshots of any results from my main work or learning tracks)
(daily creating - the images included in each post are taken from the day’s work. Maybe a theme or format will emerge, but for now I am just including snapshots of any results from my main work or learning tracks)


I'm looking right now at the document that I've used since April of 2023 to basically go through every single day of the upcoming year week by week with a rolling calendar and use it in conjunction with my normal weekly and monthly reviews to paint the larger picture of what I want to learn and accomplish during the year and how to organize it and approach it. I've just turned this document into an archive because I'm actually looking to publish a much more cleaned up version publicly on WSC.FYI and I'm leaving this note because as I was going through it, I was initially quite overwhelmed at the prospect of having to basically reread things that I hadn't revisited for quite some time, which was not intentional. I was supposed to revisit everything, but I had done a lot of this organization work and then just kind of left it there. However, it's incredibly satisfying to note now that one of the things that I put there probably six months ago, everything on it has been checked off except for one thing, and that one thing is community engagement, which I haven't been ready for, but which is still planned in an upcoming build.

So I'm including the image here to show you an unedited version or the unedited version of what I typed out months ago and how everything on it, without even needing to review it, was so instilled as a necessary step in my progress that it has been completed. And I think this is a huge testament to showing up so regularly with your own planning and your own trajectory that it becomes so embodied that you don't have to read it again. It just is there as a directive force. Now I'm going to go through the rest of this and find the bits that I can consolidate into a public document.


Main Points

  • The speaker has used a goal-tracking document since April 2023.
  • They used this document alongside weekly and monthly reviews.
  • The purpose was to learn and accomplish yearly goals in an organized manner.
  • The document has since been turned into an archive.
  • A public version of this document is planned to be published on WSC.FYI.
  • An initial feeling of being overwhelmed was replaced by satisfaction.
  • All but one goal, community engagement, has been achieved.
  • The unaccomplished goal is already planned for an upcoming build.
  • The speaker found that the planning had become a directive force without needing review.
  • The speaker will consolidate the document to create a public version.

Stories and Examples

  • The speaker mentions their process of reviewing a document that tracked their goals for the year. They note the satisfaction in seeing most goals completed, with community engagement as the solitary remaining objective.

References and Citations

  • WSC.FYI as the platform for the speaker's upcoming publicized document.


Potential Action Items

Turn the goal-tracking document into an archive.
Publish a cleaned-up version of the document on WSC.FYI.
Plan and prepare for community engagement in an upcoming build.

Follow-Up Questions

  • What is the exact nature of the community engagement that remains unaccomplished?
  • When is the upcoming build that includes community engagement expected?
  • What are the steps involved in preparing the document for publication on WSC.FYI?
  • Have plans been made to ensure regular reviews don't lapse in the future?
  • What system is in place to maintain the directive force of the planning?

Arguments and Areas for Improvement

These are potential arguments and rebuttals that other people may bring up in response to the transcript. Like every other part of this summary document, factual accuracy is not guaranteed.

  • Is it wise to archive the original document instead of maintaining it as a living document for continuous reference?
  • Could the speaker possibly be underestimating the importance of regular reviews, given that one goal remains unchecked?
  • Might the unachieved goal of community engagement signify a need to revise planning or engagement strategies?

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