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TL;DR ⧝ Unpacking the ethos behind WSC.FYI: a journal that champions holistic understanding over dissecting creative processes, fostering connections for collective growth, and embracing life's varied growth rates, all leading towards a unified, individuated world.


Main Points

  • WSC.FYI is created to openly share the process and steps of the speaker's work.
  • The speaker is against the traditional dissecting mentality, seeing it as a cause of disbalance and destruction.
  • Speaker values connecting with like-minded peers aimed at fulfilling a desire for personal and collective betterment.
  • He criticizes the current competitive and distorted paradigm, advocating for a shift towards individuation.
  • The speaker highly regards staying true to the process, including the empty spaces and the repetitive errors.

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Potential Action Items

Continue the practice of building in the open (2023-11-08T06:41:00.234Z).
Connect with an aligned peer group who share the desire for bettering of self (2023-11-08T06:41:00.234Z).
Take care of personal issues before addressing larger systemic issues (2023-11-08T06:41:00.234Z).
Aim to provide guidelines for people in retrospect, without seeking to become a coach or guru (2023-11-08T06:41:00.234Z).
Work on broadening focus and considering all spaces in life's endeavours (2023-11-08T06:41:00.234Z).

Follow-Up Questions

  • Can the notion of an 'individuating process' be elaborated further?
  • How can individuals effectively bridge this gap of disconnection caused by distortions?
  • What are the tangible steps to transition from the current paradigm to one that the speaker suggests?
  • What does practical execution of 'broadening focus' entail?
  • Can the speaker provide an example of an instance where this methodology has worked or failed?


I want to talk about the purpose of this journal, WSC.FYI. The people who I respect the most these days are totally generous with showing how whatever they do comes together. They aren't afraid that it loses some magic or mystique by revealing the parts and revealing the construction. And in fact I think they're approaching it from a totally different angle, which is that the more steps that people can see and the more that the build of whatever they're doing can pace with the ability for people to process what's happening, the more connection they'll create through their art, their music, their programming, their engineering, whatever it is.

I've become very aware of the conditioned mentality that I've worked underneath. And that conditioning says, well that conditioning is almost a, it's a trauma from the very act of dissection. It's a trauma from trying to equate the dissected body with the body that lives. And I think there's a very fair reason to hold onto that complex because the approach of dissecting everything and treating parts as wholes in a sense or treating wholes as parts has really divided and conquered this world.

And we've done it to each other as well. We've done it to our bodies. We've done it to our environment. We've done it to, we've tried to do it to our thoughts.

And I think some things are, some things resist more than others in being drawn and quartered. But at the end of the day, it's caused a lot of imbalance, a lot of pain, a lot of destruction. And it's offered insight into a lot of the parts and a lot of the ingredients and watching processes, watching how things also die when they're separated from the whole and ultimately reckoning with the fact that no matter how good we are at discovering or let's say at magnifying the parts, we as humans still cannot create something that becomes whole again. And now that I know that, now that I've traced that journey through so many of its parts, I've let go of that fantasy that any creation can really be a total mystery coming from a human.

In fact, a lot of what we do is still a refining, a process of refining or a process of remixing. And when I look at my own work that way, I become less precious about it and I accept and celebrate the fact that most of my work is possible because of the work that came before it and the work that's happening concurrently, which would be all the tools that I leverage to make what I make. So there's the kind of moral obligation to not take something that was out in the open and then sequester it in a black box, I think, which would be the old paradigm, which is still very much present in the art world of like, hide everything and then put out a finished product or put out an artifact. I really would prefer to change my approach and mentality through the practice of building in the open and also shifting the emphasis in a subtle way from perfecting the product to offering artifacts, actually, of a process that is continuing and that is ultimately bringing me toward becoming a better human, not becoming a better artist, although I think the two are very much connected.

I'm also very keen on connecting with a more aligned peer group, that is, people who can interpret this desire for bettering of the self. And I don't mean bettering in the sense of looking better than others, which is a really, really deep current of motivation today, this needing to stand out so that you have leverage in this world. It's more about reaching a state of peace within so that problems without can then be encountered and worked on. And I feel that the process of adulting in a much deeper sense is moving through all your own issues so that you can take on larger systemic issues and so that you can help others and contribute to a shared growth and a shared freeing.

And that's only possible if we really remove our own distortions and take care of our own shit first. So back to what the purpose of WSC.FYI is, which is this journal. The purpose is to share every step so that there's no distortion when I look back on the process of where I started and where I go. Then there's the desire to connect with other people who are similarly wanting to share what they do for the elevation of the whole.

And also who are looking to have feedback so that what they do is never disconnected from a shared reality. And thirdly, I think that when every step of the process is elucidated upon, it becomes an actual real guidebook or insight for a path that other people can learn from. This would not be at the same time, this would be something in retrospect that people could look back on, a reference book, a playbook. And I do intend for, even though, well, there's another part to this, which is that there are a lot of people who start to share their process of development and their career kind of takes this turn where they become coaches or they become, yeah, basically coaches, teachers within that field of development or process gurus or whatever it is, productivity gurus.

And I don't want that either. I really want all the things that I've learned from those people and from my own showing up over and over and over again and failing a lot, I want that to contribute to the individuation process of myself, which is really when I become that perfect puzzle piece that fits into the whole again. And so there's also a desire to have this journal be the most kind of fluid and direct and accessible, but like not edited window into what I'm doing as opposed to becoming a content maker and having to spend my time in my life editing videos, which I think is a very manipulative act because you're really trying to get the viewer to see something in a certain amount of time and you're skipping over all the negative space, which is a whole nother topic for another journal entry that I'm really excited about, but they're skipping over the places where life really happens. And so many of these, so many of these habits to falsify or to manipulate are, they are the results of a broken system, a system that really does pit us against each other and that forces us to search out every point of leverage so that, because there just isn't an, in this current system, there isn't enough for everybody, which is

, that is a distortion upon an actual, an actual realm of abundance, a realm of where every, where if everyone showed up as they were, as they are, then the world would actually grow because of that.

There wouldn't be one pie with eight slices and a billion people trying to get those eight slices. Everyone would be making their own pies and they would be finding, they would be constantly inventing new ways of creating those pies so that it's not a, it's not a hyper efficient and hyper monoculture type formula of how to show up in this world. It's an incredibly unique and unknowable thing, only knowable through the individuation process of every single human being. So yeah, the paradigm is fucked up and no one can take that on alone, but I do believe in also resonance and emergence and I think one of the things that I will be talking a lot about, not in this entry, but in the future, because it's such a, it's such a pillar of what drives me to do what I do is this idea of currently trying to hide all of the, all the spaciousness of life, the times when we repeat the same mistake over and over again and the very facts of growth rates between brain connections versus muscle tissue versus how fast our environment grows, how fast resources grow.

They're all different cyclical period, period, period, periodicities or periods and to gloss over any of that is to distort one sense of reality and when we are learning through distortions, about distortions, about distortions, it's pretty clear as to why no one sees eye to eye. Everyone is acting, I feel like people act the same, so there's, there's actually an inverted individuation process where people are becoming the same model because there's an influencer out there who's modeling a certain type of behavior, but because of that inherent disjointedness within, then everyone is seeing a different world, whereas in the actual individuation process, it's everyone is individuating and through that they're able to share a common world. And it's quite interesting. I think this is where a lot of the simulation theory comes from because of course it seems like a simulation if, if your experience of reality just cannot match with other people's and we seem to be manifesting that by saying, okay, well the only thing that gives me comfort is to put on these VR goggles and basically live in my own reality, which is quite sad because there's, that reality is only made possible by the nurturing of the, the reality that frames


And then that one is only made possible by the reality that frames it. And so we can't, we can't ignore the, the, the, the, the, we basically, if this earth shuts down, like all these other ones shut down too. So anyway, but yeah, I'll talk about that later because it factors into why I'm, why I'm so interested in how to, how to broaden focus, how to consider all the spaces that are actually never empty that we treat them as such and how to build spaces with a certain structuring so that we can, we can maintain and actually celebrate these totally different ways of being, which are not about narrow focus, but about a kind of broad, a broadening, a harmonizing, a structuring, which is very life-affirming and does not look like war and does not look like leverage or competition, but it actually looks like being. And anyway, that's, that's a note on why I'm, or what WSC.FYI intends to be.

Additional Info

Arguments and Areas for Improvement

These are potential arguments and rebuttals that other people may bring up in response to the transcript. Like every other part of this summary document, factual accuracy is not guaranteed.
  • This idea of open creation could potentially lead to lack of privacy and boundaries.
  • The semantic distinction between parts and wholes can be challenged, as it could be argued that parts and wholes are not mutually exclusive, but interconnected.
  • It may be impractical to expect everyone to follow the individuation process, given societal constraints and pressures.

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