Plainest Possible - A Note On Style

TL;DR A note on the style of this changelog: I'm shooting for a kind of off the cuff unedited but concise stream of consciousness, because AI’s got everything else covered.


AI Returned My Humanity

I've been down the road of obsessing compulsively over style and it didn't change who I am. i.e. it didn’t bring me closer to my goal of a trigger-free, clickbait immune life (which is what I equate to awakening).

What that means is I’m saved from dedicating the rest of my years to churning out endless content because 1) I know novelty in that sense is a time-intensive repackaging and 2) I’m committed to not playing the game, just because everyone else does.

AI returned my humanity in this regard because it plays the game better than anyone else, and since humans always want to win, the only thing we can really win at now is being human. The exploration of what that is is profoundly interesting to me, and worth my attention.

The Experiment

Since this is a changelog and not front and center to the projects that I’m currently building, it stays raw. Over-editing erases the facts of linear time, and the messiness of bodies, the awkwardness of interactions, and the micro miracles of germination. I want to be able to look back on the real time that it took to build out what I’m currently working on—my projects and the transformation of self.

I also believe that this sort of emanating gradualness—leaving breadcrumb trails that can be analyzed for patterns during and way after the fact—is a humanizing counterbalance to button-mashing content. The pace of humanness is the only pace we can really work with; everything else skips too many steps for change to actually take root in us, and we end up living constantly out of sync with a projection of where, or who, we think we ought to be.

The Approach

I don’t really know!!!! I’m already re-reading this and seeing way too much style. Which is a fault of mine, for writing it without any template or assistance 😂 I’m actually planning to use AI to keep style out of it, and just map each entry (adapted from voice notes) to a list or system of sorts, which can best demonstrate the movements across all areas of focus.

I also believe to the core of my being that content should never be devoid of its context. I.e. washing tweets of the voice that spoke them is a surefire way to perpetuate miscommunication. We need all the embodied context we can get, if there is truly to be a transfer of meaning and a transformation through it. That is why I’m leaving the original audio recording and the full transcript attached to each entry.

The Dream

I don’t expect anything humanizing from platforms locked into inhumane growth incentives. So I can’t fault them for anything. I can only wish that the interface were more flexible, because I believe that if we could explore these metalayers of sentiment as a weather map of sorts—seeing what came before, what comes after, and where things are headed—then we would make smarter choices toward preservation (avoiding the tornado rather than beelining straight for it). Well, I can’t speak for what anyone else wants. But at least there’d be less mismatched consequences.

※Take what you need, if it brings you into delight※ 2027 weseeclearly CC BY 4.0 DEED