Open Source Pattern Programme (OSPP)

Open Source Pattern Programme (OSPP)

TL;DR—The open-source pattern programme (OSPP) is a free portal where anyone can access professional production-ready patterns. Initiative of Rickard Lindqvist // [a]industri.

Access = Innovation

If the apparel industry shared knowledge openly, designers & brands could spend more time on the creative aspect of apparel design, rather than sinking considerable resources into building out separate yet highly correlated libraries. Paradoxically what is out in the open, is fashion’s copycat culture—since the vast majority of garments are built on the same basic blocks, with variance confined mostly to fabric, size, and trims, and (of course) labels.

With OSPP, apparel creators can now download generic patterns and modify them to their needs. "As part of this development, we see a need for Open Source Production Patterns [OSPP] for garments. The vast majority of garments being produced and worn are variations of generic stereotypes such as sweaters, jeans, jackets, shirts etc. Instead of reinventing the wheel every time, it will benefit everyone if we share our developments with each other!⁠"

Rickard [a]industri worker & partner at [a]industri

A Pattern Language

Rickard Lindqvist operates a microfactory out of Sweden where he bridges the gap between innovative design and standardized production. He has been sharing his patterns for free download since 2016; OSPP is the natural extension of that initiative, now focused on including more designers, and generating a community around a shared open-source ethos.

OSPP patterns are production-ready, with graded size sets, seam allowances, notches, and cut holes. For an open source pattern library to be useful, manufacturing standards need to be in place. For that reason, OSPP also comprises guidelines that are aimed to help standardize the submission and production processes.

OSPP Links

For a copy of the open-source pattern program development manual, or to contribute to the programme, please reach out to

You can view the OSPP collection in 3D, and download all available patterns, here:

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