MF70 Anti-Surveillance Suit

TL;DR—The MF70 Anti-Surveillance Suit brings physical forkability, hypercollaboration, and integrated digital provenance to garment creation and distribution.


Meta Mesh

Fashion is largely made up of vertical brand-stacks: extractive and obfuscatory monoliths that read each other competitively and write themselves redundantly. We—cut(e) & dry intros below—believe it would thrive as a rhizomatic marsh of horizontal product-meshes (cross-pollination of knowledge, networks, and assets through free+incentivized movement).

This kind of root revitalization requires rebalancing across design, material sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, and communication. The M70 Anti-Surveillance Suit is, yes, a jacket and pant set, and also an informed rewilding.

Who are we?

Rickard Lindqvist, PHD - Manufacturing - Creative Director and Founder of [a]industri, Author of the Kinetic Garment Construction system, and Steward of the Open Source Pattern Protocol

Hugh Clarke - Pattern Maker - Founder of The Structure of Magic, former Senior Designer at PUMA, Contributor to the Open Source Pattern Program

Weseeclearly - Creative Comms - Artist & Advisor, Creative Director of BNV, core team MetaFactory, Author of WSC.FYI

Daniel Mohr - Print Design - Fashion Designer & Artist

Maryam Mazraei - Protocol - Co-Steward of Signature Capsules,

Eiman Soliman - Protocol - Co-Steward of Signature Capsules,

Ivan - Storyteller - Creative Director of Techunter Magazine

Alexander - Storyteller - Editor in Chief of Techunter Magazine

Sanders - Fabric Sourcing and Printing - CEO House of U

Jin - Metaverse Builder - Artist & Advisor, Steward of M3, core team MetaFactory

Fraemwerk -VFX - 3D Virtuoso

Cameron Robertson - Next-Gen Hardware - Founder of Kong.Land

Daydream - Leathercraft - founder of Daydream

Incentivized Hypercollaboration

Behind every garment ever produced is a mouthful of collaborators that go unmentioned and undercompensated. Forced contributions stripped of identity produce lackluster products, and we believe—quite simply—that a transparent, co-creative, and empowered supply chain (→ supply mesh) compounds value for everyone involved.


Each pair of hands and eyes that interacts meaningfully with MF70 makes a permanent impression through on-chain signatures. No ad strategy could match this multiplicity. With MF70 and Signature Capsules, every contributor—from the manufacturer to the synchronistic reader—peaks in, and into, a constantly evolving narrative graph.

Open Building

MF70 is for remixing. Our tools are specifically built for this: the garment pattern has already been released on CLO3d’s community marketplace as a free, downloadable file (through OSPP), and the Signature Collections protocol has a native forking feature which maps provenance and radiates royalties accordingly.

We’ve also been working in the open at the links below. You can follow the initial design process, and also the development of the Signature Capsules protocol leading up to our launch.

Supply Chain Composability

Running presales to determine production volume is not new, though it’s still niche. We need scalable infrastructure to scale industry adoption. Current efforts are largely bespoke and vertical, forming part of the solution, but not the entire picture. With MF70, in conjunction with [a]industri’s OSPP, we are creating organizational and manufacturing standards for a composable supply chain.

For producers, this means minimums are still met through smart order collation
for designers, it means access to production networks
for retailers, it means 1) holistic storytelling > manipulative advertising, and 2) presale perks > deadstock discounts (value deterioration)
VFX by Fraemwerk

Digital Utility

On-chain experiences and immutable provenance are coming standard to our releases. Each MF70 is paired with a HaLo chip to enable sophisticated, programmatic linking between digital and physical. The following use-cases illustrate the potential of on-chain synchronized cryptographic identities:

  • Certificate of authenticity for collectable
  • Non-transferable NFT embedded within merchandise
  • Point-of-sale on every object, connecting buyer to creator
  • Bearer instruments, e.g. cash, gift cards
  • One time NFT that can be claimed from a concert ticket
  • POAP that you met someone from their business card
  • Airdrop token from event organizer
  • Signature from object at museum
  • Off-chain DID controller
  • Payment rail replacement with multisig
  • Access control to a coworking space
  • Prove you own a rare NFT without having to sign from cold wallet
  • Toy which can sign messages in virtual gameplay

The MF70 VRM avatar—importable into VRChat, Hyperfy,, Mozilla Hubs, etc.—is also provided as an exclusive and fun perk. You can check out the 3D model here, made by the incredible Jin:

Physical Stats

2-piece jacket and suspender pant set, replica of original MF70
350 gsm hemp & cotton melange for natural UV protection, resistance against mold and mildew, soil release properties, easy wash and care
11 engineered pockets; mesh face guard; suspender pants
dazzle print designed by Daniel Mohr and printed at HouseOfU in the Netherlands
sewn in Sweden at [a]industri
6-8 weeks production time; capped at 42 units

※Take what you need, if it brings you into delight※ 2027 weseeclearly CC BY 4.0 DEED