FYI, Berlin

TL;DR—we are the fashion R&D pod of MetaFactory, dreaming big from our studio in central Berlin. Table of Content at right for soft vibe check; practical info at bottom of post. Come thru 💃🏻

The Site is a living network of thoughts, collaborators, and past+present+future projects. We hope that by mapping our processes in near-real-time, this site also serves as an ungated discovery engine for visitors and contributors alike.

Our evergreen maps-of-content: the best places to start for context-setting

Terms and definitions from the Systems, elaborated upon

Our log book of updates, intros, and opinions


Collaborators and platforms that we currently work with and find inspiring


The SubDAO

When a Fashion R&D focus group started to emerge from MetaFactory, the core team identified the nexus of its emergence and directed resources there. That’s the FYI SubDAO origin story... Humble beginnings as a dependent, encouraged towards self-sufficiency. Our goal is to get to a point of sovereign symbiosis, where exchange between our two entities is provably net-positive.

We’re organizing ourselves as a DAO for enhanced governance, transparency, and tooling. From our experience as and with MetaFactory, DAO-ness comes with a suite of complexities that are reflective of a free world. Anything else is controlled simulation. The main challenge is keeping our own conditioning in check, because it’s easy to default back to old models, and hard to sustain aspiration.

The Name

Flamboyant Yummy Ideas, French Young Interns, Frodo You’re Invited, Forgotten Yellow Itch, Frozen Yogurt Industry, Foundation Y Intergalactic, Flag Yuppie Incognitos, Foot Yoga Innovation, Fast Yawn Interactive, Frankly Yoda Is, Fab You’re Invited, Fiery Yodelers Inn, Freelance Yawn Yesterday, Fanatical Yetis Incorporated, For Your Inspiration...

A thousand images = a million words. Co-oopting a common TLD to meta-bridge people who didn’t consciously think of their interconnection before 🌐 That’s level 1.

Level 2 = Fashion Innovation, Incubation, Inspiration, where Y is the geometry of a peace sign’s axis pointing to triple I’s. Synchronistically there are three of us now. This part of the post is maximum poetic. If it threw you off just forget it ever happened ⬇

The People

Cory Fashion Designer Nickname: Coco
Franchesko Stylist and Curator Blood Type: A
Wes “Weseeclearly” Fashion Innovation Catalyzer Steward of this Unicorn Sanctuary i.e. FYI doxxed but don’t dox me

The Place

Berlin is a locus of diversity, offering a cultural milieu of alternative and opinionated approaches. It’s an EU tech and art hub, it’s still affordable, and we have close connections with hyperlocal producers (2 metro stops away) as well as partners in neighbouring countries. Also, conveniently but not coincidentally, Wes, Franchesko, and Cory live here.

The Space

Our studio is set up for co-working, photography, and prototyping. We have enough machinery here to work out mvps of garments, and add finishing touches. We’re here to hack with what we have, developing novel construction and decoration methods that innovate within the limits of our producers’ capabilities. Creative resourcefulness is our MO.

We also aim to be a funding body and web3-liaison for local schools, platforms, and researchers, because this city is a hub for smarts but a wasteland for market fit.

Machines / Setup

  • home quilting machine
  • home sewing machine
  • home overlock machine
  • commercial 10-needle embroidery machine
  • heat press
  • hobby vinyl cutter
  • VR rig


  • pattern making
  • menswear tailoring
  • production-ready tech packs
  • embroidery design
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • CLO3d (learning)
  • Fluent Mandarin, German, Italian, Japanese, French, Spanish, and English


  • screen printing
  • computerized jacquard weaving
  • digital 3d knit design
  • cut & sew production
  • sock manufacturer
  • deadstock luxury fabrics

Everyone in FYI has access to a central physical space and sophisticated machinery. As soon as we can sustainably expand our floorspace, we want to onboard Berlin-based talents in content/marketing, 3d design+animation, front and back end development. Please get in touch if this is you, and stay tuned on twitter for open calls and grants.

※Take what you need, if it brings you into delight※ 2027 weseeclearly CC