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TL;DR ⧝ I’m steering three projects simultaneously and steer is the wrong word because actually three is the number of a self-directing & stabilizing unity. So, really, three is easier than one. OR IS IT? A quick overview of Weseeclearly.com, WDIM.org, and WSC.FYI, and the psyche/psychosis behind them.

Weseeclearly.com—The Denying Force

A painting practice rooted in stabilizing liminal space, offering respite from the extremely anxious conditions we’ve created for ourselves. My artist statement is three words: calming nervous systems.

WDIM.ORG—The Affirming Force

Basically a communications agency leveraging fashion as a guerrilla peer to peer messaging platform. More rhetorical than declaratory, internally combusting conditioned responses to everything.

WSC.FYI—The Reconciling Force

Journaling as transparently as possible while I build out weseeclearly.com and wdim.org, to 1) map the routes I choose as best as possible, 2) offer more to people who want more, 3) create space for all the stuff that would overburden each project if I were to try and infuse it directly, 4) practice honesty, transparency, writing, and rhythmic updates, 5) literally show activity so I can point to it when people are like, are you free for dinner and I don’t wanna go, 6) have a realistic repo of what it actually took to get where I’m going… breadcrumb trails for my own cognitive calibration as well as possible course material for when I can teach aspects of this to people who are similarly motivated/crazy.

Affirm, Deny, Reconcile Esoterica

Approach strongly rooted in Gurdjieff work. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, then great. It’s a universal principle. A single force never moves, two is endlessly oscillating, and three is stable. Every idea I had for something I could do for the rest of my life was incomplete and shallow until I thought of each as a spoke within a spinning & balanced wheel. The three projects I’m in the process of building out, support each other in this way. While each stands alone for the sake of clarity, the backend is a tapestry. Have you ever flipped over a tapestry? it’s fucking ridiculous. And yet, that’s the reality of a pretty frontside, and people who hand-weave tapestries today self-actualize through the incredibly painstaking process not because they’re masochistic but because there’s an intrinsic reward in it. Whatever they’re on, I’m on it too.

I just think it’s a shame that tapestries are hung against walls. Wholeness of perception enriches contemplation, so whenever we frame something to be seen from only one angle, the meaning we take away is one-sided—projected, not emergent. A tapestry reconciles the seemingly paradoxical, with boundaries (weft tie-offs, back) becoming flow (compositional continuity, front), softness becoming stability.

And that’s why WSC.FYI is the reconciling space, the area that hopefully provides context to the projects, that is softly linked out to and out from without forcing process in anyone’s face. It’s just there, for those who are keen to explore and understand at a deeper level. Again, some of us just have the neurological profile that requires this kind of resonant, replete, deeply embedded space.

I originally wrote this for the TL;DR:

Our effectiveness is not solely determined by strength of will, but rather by the interplay of three fundamental forces: the affirming (will), the denying (being-resistance), and the reconciling (function). When we map the events of our lives onto this triad, we give ourselves the best chances at inward transformation and outward agency.

I spent so long writing it I just can’t delete. But yeah, I’m done with abstruse writing until I retire. It just takes too much time and doesn’t really do anything.

I also could’ve just said NON LINEARITY and called it a day. So bam, there you go. NON LINEARITY.

※Take what you need, if it brings you into delight※ 2027 weseeclearly CC BY 4.0 DEED