WDIM as a Crowdfunded Communications Agency

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TL;DR WDIM is conceived as a crowdfunded communications agency, aiming to harness top talent for initiating impactful projects using collective imagination and public pressure. Its business model involves creating limited-edition products, such as hand-drawn t-shirts, for attention and funding. The primary goal is to invert traditional market dynamics, urging consumer demand to drive meaningful actions from large corporations, focusing on integrity-driven marketing strategies.
(daily artifact - the images heading each post are artifacts from my creative process and learning tracks.)
(daily artifact - the images heading each post are artifacts from my creative process and learning tracks.)


I just had another thought about WDIM and how to position it so that it's really clear what this project is about. We already came up with the frame story of being in 2027. There's a hyperstitial grail store that is selling hand-drawn t-shirts from WDIM's launch. Those t-shirts, maybe there are like seven in the world total.

Raymond's has one. That means that WDIM, in four months or whatever, when we backtrack back to the present time, can still sell the other six and auction them off. The main idea behind WDIM is that it is a crowd-funded communications agency bringing together the best talents in communications to communicate meaningful and impactful things. Some of this looks like offering ideas to big companies and getting the crowd attention on them so that there's such a collective imagination and almost pressuring force that someone like Gucci would actually be in their best interest to do it because people want it.

It's like creating a new pipeline for consumer demand or, let's say, global citizen demand for certain actors to initiate projects. In a way, it's an inversion of the market, which I think is really interesting to play out and experiment with. If there's a shift from brands trying to predict what consumers want and then advertise it, this other way is more having these kinds of hyperstitial collective imaginations that then ask for larger actors to contribute and move the needle in certain ways. Calculatedly good ways.

That's the idea behind WDIM. It's kind of like this question of, okay, there might be a great project, but we don't have enough funding to get really talented people and really capable people in it. We end up not being able to compete with the corporations. That's something that certain parts of academia deal with where they can't attract the best talents because they just can't pay them the same.

Now, could WDIM actually raise enough funds to get the best talents in communication, advertisement, fashion, et cetera, to create collections that then become so desired that it kind of inspires the network to come online and actually execute it? Because a good project will need that brand and the brand will want it because I think the only thing left in marketing is to actually have integrity and to do something good for the world. I think that's kind of the last frontier for now. I mean, there's always going to be more frontiers, but that depends on whether we exist past all these existential crises that are coming up on the horizon within the next 10 to 30 years.

So, yeah, I think that's a pretty clear concept of WDIM. And I also really like that I can use this platform to drive the inspiration for something like CrowdMuse to then pull together that network to make it happen. Right now, there's kind of the back end of, okay, well, we are capable of actually having a network collaborate on chain, but there needs to be a northern star that defines what needs to happen so that the right people come around. So I feel like I'm kind of doing the front end work, which is probably my happy place, but in order to do that, I've had to do a ton of back end to kind of organize my thoughts and train my skills around executing this.

Additional Info

Main Points

  • WDIM is envisioned as a crowdfunded communications agency.
  • The project incorporates a frame story set in 2027, featuring rare hand-drawn t-shirts.
  • There's a plan to auction off these limited-edition t-shirts to raise funds.
  • WDIM aims to unite top communications talent to work on impactful projects.
  • The strategy includes influencing big companies to act on community-led ideas.
  • WDIM's approach suggests an inversion of the traditional market model.
  • The project grapples with the challenge of attracting top talent against corporations.
  • Integrity and positive global impact are seen as the future of marketing.
  • The project aims to navigate the potential existential crises of the next 10 to 30 years.
  • WDIM also intends to use CrowdMuse to network and bring projects to fruition.

Stories and Examples

  • The frame story of WDIM set in 2027 involves a hyperstitial grail store selling rare hand-drawn t-shirts.
  • Raymond owns one of the seven hand-drawn t-shirts from WDIM's launch, symbolizing the project's exclusivity and value.
  • WDIM's model is designed to create demand for initiatives from big companies like Gucci by getting crowd attention and generating a pressuring force.

References and Citations

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Potential Action Items

Develop a concrete business plan for WDIM's crowdfunded agency model (2023-11-25).
Design and produce the limited-edition hand-drawn t-shirts.
Organize a marketing strategy for the auction of the t-shirts.
Identify and attract the best talents for collaboration on WDIM projects.
Create a pitch to present WDIM's concept to potential large actor partners.

Follow-Up Questions

  • How will WDIM ensure the selection of impactful projects?
  • What are the criteria for choosing the 'best talents' in various fields for WDIM?
  • How will the auction for the hand-drawn t-shirts be promoted?
  • What strategies will WDIM use to compete with corporations' ability to pay for top talent?
  • How can WDIM leverage CrowdMuse to build the required network effectively?

Arguments and Areas for Improvement

These are potential arguments and rebuttals that other people may bring up in response to the transcript. Like every other part of this summary document, factual accuracy is not guaranteed.

  • The feasibility of outcompeting corporate salaries to attract talent might be overestimated.
  • Relying on crowd-funding to maintain operations might not be sustainable long-term.
  • Limited-edition items could prove ineffective at sustaining long-term interest and funding.
  • The idea that integrity is the last frontier in marketing could be seen as idealistic.
  • There may be skepticism about the potential for significant impact from fashion-related projects.

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