Clinical Perfectionism vs Harmonic Conditioning

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TL;DR Purity or perfection is like a synthetic, single-frequency music synthesizer, lacking the depth of natural sounds. It's important to establish connections between different 'notes' or actions to facilitate more sustainable change. Setting up conducive conditions, like enjoying a podcast while painting, helps create a supportive environment for transforming intentions into actions.
(this image is an artifact from my daily creative process and learning track)
(this image is an artifact from my daily creative process and learning track)


This is going to be a quick one, but it's because I felt like my last two entries were so meandering that they were kind of arriving at this point of more clarity so that my messages aren't misconstrued. Although if they are, I can't really control that, but I can do my best to try to offer clarity and to relate them back to the context of who I am and what my life has been like and where I want it to go. And this has to do with, I would say, this destination that I just arrived at is recognizing that part of what has held me back is this mental construct of purity. And what I mean by that is purity or perfection has stood in the way of getting things done.

This can sound so cliche, but it's more nuanced than that. Purity, to me, is like a music synthesizer where you have the single frequency playing. And it feels, it sounds so synthetic because it is an artificial container or entrapment of just that frequency amplified. Whereas when we hear a note in the world, there's an infinite series of oscillations, overtones, sorry, overtones.

There's the timbre, which is the resonant chamber of whatever instrument is emphasizing certain overtones is emphasizing certain overtones over others. And somehow that feels more connected, more, it offers more body. Whereas the clinical synthetic thing is, it's very much like a laser beam. It has its purposes, but it is not something that can be heard or lived with for an entire lifetime.

It's the allopathic instrument device versus the homeopathic holistic homeopathic holistic lifelong care accompaniment melody. So my failed attempts at living a certain kind of life, I think I can attribute to this fixation on purity or perfection, which is unsustainable. Again, it has its moments, but those moments are usually, those moments have to be treated as clinical moments as necessitating something very precise and sharp. Whereas for sustainable change, we need to connect our actions into a web of other causes and effects and conditions.

And so if I know that I have to if I know that I have to paint this morning, but there isn't a bridge to get there, then I can open up my senses to find those overtones that connect these two seemingly dissonant notes. It's moving out of the immediate note into the octave, into other octaves higher and lower, above and below. And when there's a connection, then set it up so that the actions can proceed. So this is a connection between the higher mind or the steward and all of the helpers that are there to execute the plan, because the higher mind can actually take action with its own hands.

It requires embodied forces, which are very much of the lower centers of action, or let's say of physical action, of mental rumination, of emotional charge. And we need to create those bridges so that things happen. We need to become conductors of electricity. Which is so satisfying to think of and to kind of cement in this note, because if I take the example of this morning, knowing that I need to paint, there's also a kindness that I can offer of setting up the right conditions for that painting to flow as effortlessly as possible.

So that would be putting on a certain podcast that I've wanted to listen to anyway, and that I wouldn't have the time to listen to if I went straight to work. So arranging these constellations of support systems that become kind of like the holders of portals, the parameters of code. And it's always that primary of what is the container that it's happening within? What is having to change?

So what is the entropy that we're turning around or reversing? And what is the purpose in doing so? And in the center of that is the actual execution and transformation of a certain thing into being that wasn't there before. So I'm going to go do this right now.

I'm going to go paint and set up the right conditions.


Main Points

  • The speaker reflects on their previous entries and their intention for more clarity in communication.
  • Purity and perfection are identified as mental constructs that have hindered the speaker's progress.
  • Purity is compared to a synthetic sound, lacking the complexity and richness of natural notes with overtones.
  • Sharp, precise moments are necessary at times but aren't suitable for sustained change which requires a holistic approach.
  • The process of change involves connecting actions into a broader web of causes, effects, and conditions.
  • To act effectively, one must find 'bridges' between intentions and physical actions, utilizing all aspects of the self.
  • The speaker desires to align their actions with a higher mind or steward, bringing cohesion to their endeavors.
  • Conscious arrangement of conditions can facilitate easier transitions into desired activities, like painting.
  • Considering the right environment can be seen as an act of kindness toward oneself, aiding in the performance of tasks.
  • This textured approach to living replaces a fixation on purity with a richer, holistic way of life.

Stories and Examples

  • The speaker compares the notion of purity to the sound of a single-frequency music synthesizer and opposes it to the rich complexity of natural sound with overtones and timbre.
  • They describe the necessity of connecting actions to a broader context to facilitate sustainable change, using the analogy of different musical notes creating harmony.
  • Personal anecdote about arranging the morning to include painting accompanied by a podcast, merging productivity with personal enrichment.

References and Citations

  • Music synthesizers are used as a metaphor to describe purity or perfection.
  • Describes a holistic versus clinical or allopathic approach to life, using the terms 'homeopathic' and 'holistic'.
  • Mentions the concept of 'entropy' in discussing personal change and the reversal of disorder.


Potential Action Items

Reflect on personal mental constructs that may be impeding progress and devise strategies to overcome them.
Identify moments where precision is needed and differentiate them from those requiring a more nuanced approach (2023-11-30)
Create 'bridges' or connections between different areas of life to facilitate smoother transitions and actions.
Set up conducive environments for tasks to promote flow and ease, such as playing a podcast while painting (2023-11-30)
Reevaluate self-care practices to ensure they support ongoing tasks and long-term goals.

Follow-Up Questions

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Arguments and Areas for Improvement

These are potential arguments and rebuttals that other people may bring up in response to the transcript. Like every other part of this summary document, factual accuracy is not guaranteed.

  • One might argue that purity and perfection are not always hindrances but can drive high standards and quality results.
  • The synthesis sound compared to the complexity of natural sounds could be seen as oversimplifying the value of technological advancements.
  • The idea of needing 'bridges' or connections might be challenged as an unnecessary complication for some who are more spontaneous or direct-action oriented.
  • The advice to create supportive environments could be argued as not universally practical due to varying individual circumstances or preferences.

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