Introducing MetaGEAR



/ ˈmɛt ə gɪər / noun

Wardrobe staples for digiphysical bridge-makers

TL;DR—MetaGEAR is MetaFactory’s capsule collection of composable physical wearables. Here we introduce the look, the features, and the rollout.

Word Key


adj/ remixability applied to the levels of: garment construction; print design; nft interaction


adj/ limited edition & unique releases; emphasis on refinement before scale


Shapes—flattering is what makes you feel good. MetaGEAR takes inspiration and measurements from those favorite garments we’ve worn to shreds.

Materials—when it’s a choice between natural fibers and inorganic, we will go with natural. Inorganic necessity comprises: elastics, technical fabrics for weatherproof and/or lightweight gear.

Aesthetics—meta, just like its namesake. A mix of art, archive, process, and participation.

Quality—100% cut & sewn for full control over finishing, details, fabrics, etc. The antithesis of fast fashion.


Embedded—a KONG Halo chip features into every release for authenticity and blockchain interaction.

Sets—completing a legendary MetaGEAR set will require more than just purchasing power. We’ll experiment with earning mechanisms, airdrops, and MultiSig-inspired coordination.

Feedback—incentivizing granular feedback through highlighting all “moddable” areas of a MetaGEAR piece: contributions at a structural level redefine what design collab can be, resulting in entirely new axes of contribution. Within the MetaFactory ecosystem, this directly correlates to net positive transparent revenue-share.


Customization—holistically considering every possible upgrade for our clothes, from material, to tech integration, to pocket shape and placement.

Proprietary—fabrics and knits that are customized for us, made possible through our partners in Berlin and Amsterdam.

Curation—community research will drive the direction of this collection.

Hypercollaboration—MetaGEAR will set a precedent for frictionless multiplayer collaboration, first by disentangling supply chain layers, then by reframing graphic compositions from singular-artist-showcase to composable plural-artist asset bank. MetaFactory already laid the groundwork for this with Wicked Sunday Club; MetaGEAR dials it in.



  • first drop mid-may.

3-6 months:

  • two subsequent drops, plus the introduction of crowd funding and direction.

1-2 years:

  • technical gear which will provide the ultimate sandbox for material and design innovation
  • alpha tester subscriptions for 1/1 prototypes


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