Size Flexibility

Size flexible, ergonomic garment design is ubiquitous in sportswear, but has yet to cross over into casual/formal attire. The work of Rickard Lindqvist, PHD, bridges the gap through a proprietary system of garment construction which achieves exactly that: tailored clothes that accommodate our ever-moving and ever-changing bodies. We’re lucky to count Rickard as a partner, and will be releasing more styles based on his design principles. Additionally, we’re leaning into unisex garment shapes with innovative adjustment hardware for our evergreen styles, drawing inspiration from workwear and utility gear.


Here—evergreen styles with ample room for action and fluctuation. Adjustment straps for body contouring where structurally necessary (waist on pants) and form-flattering (waist on jackets).

Ahead—more drops with our partner Rickard Lindqvist, who achieves tailored looks with size flexibility through his PHD work on Kinetic Garment Construction. MetaGEAR pieces will come in fewer sizes, with 3D fitting rooms so you can see exactly how the clothes will drape.

Horizon—hand in hand with streamlined modularity, achieved when all parts come together in pattern making & attachment innovation.


We are still building out this section. Please check back soon.





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Size Flexibility
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