Reverse Retail

We're running our sales on preorder. We're opting for transparent content over opaque advertising. We don't want to sit on inventory, or design toward trends, or play the low-margin-high-quantity game. Through our content streams, we'll surface designs before they're produced for community input and feedback. Curation becomes a role with real rewards, especially when our Curation Game (in development) introduces $ROBOT staking and rev share.


Here—we run about 70% of our drops as pre-sales. That means we only produce to demand. The remaining 30% are accessories that have MOQs, as well as some garments with production times that are too long for pre-sales.

Ahead—now that we have production capabilities in Brooklyn, NY, we will be able to produce more products on demand. NFT-redemption drops, like MetaLoot, also distribute orders across longer stretches of time, which is perfect for the on-demand model. We expect to lean more into both.

Horizon—product staking (which would look like crowd-funding around a product concept with bonding curve mechanics) will transform presale wait-time into an investment and signaling strategy, through early conviction rewards.


We are still building out this section. Please check back soon.





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