One of the strangest industrial hold overs that has really affected us is this idea of pristine, perfect things. That everything should match and be the same. But what if a thread runs out, or a blank runs out, will people immediately WANT to have the exact same as everyone else? And yet, big luxury is all about the illusion of uniqueness. Couture is one of a kind. So what are we really gaming toward? a sub-luxury? A fantasy of sameness? I think we can build uniqueness back into that chain of operations. I really do. I think people forget that clothing is touched by humans. Every seam is sewed by a human. there aren’t robots that sew entire garments, So why do we try to remove that trace of being handled?

proud of uniqueness, of doing something special to you. Huge space for NFTs and ownership to generate uniqueness, not just in print, but ina ctual approach. Your own woven pattern, your own signature that you proudly wear because it’s yours, because its your signature. You don’t compare signatures to an ultimate signature, do you? That has to be reintroduced. It’s not like we all sit around comparing how beautiful our signatures are, because it’s not just about flex value it’s about personal connection. Baseline quality, but then introducing that, what is your patterning and how can we have it inform the actual pattern of the garment? When something fits well, it fits well. But there’s more than just fit and customization in that size, there’s the trims, there’s the color scheme, etc.

more cross project collabs. how could that be incentivized? by design itself. pattern blocks, clothing as a canvas for quilt blocks / collab. Quilt block / palette approach.