The Berlin Werkstatt

Getting Physical

MetaFactory’s nimbus cloud of the dope dank drip has precipitated its first physical hub, and it’s in Berlin.


Physical, because clothes.

Berlin, because people.

Podding up into specialized sub-groups = deep, agile work. We’ve got the VR Crew melting minds, DAO Tooling refining our coordination, iROBOT dialing up our current, and Fashion R&D custom fitting our swag for meta-interoperability.

Who Dis, Who Dare

The three of us here in Berlin—Weseeclearly, Franchesko, and Cory—play a pretty slick hand: tailoring, editorial writing, creative direction, exhibition curation & installation, print design, and painting, among other wildcards. And we’re telepathically entangled in superconscious web of well-placed oracles, i.e. we’ve got a great network.

We also share beef with an industry that makes creativity a zero-sum game. Brands built on human and environmental abuse just aren’t cool, period, and yet very little has come along to show it can be done differently. A lot of brands talk about community, but they’re still only offering buy-ins to a world that vehemently resists spin.

Web3 has proven the power of real value-alignment, and MetaFactory is uniquely positioned—with its physical product reach—to smelt all these chains into archways instead of gates 🌈

Future, Now!

1/1 customization is already in motion with our MetaLoot drop. Jump to the post for more.

Zero Waste Design is factoring into our blanks, which is a worldwide first. Danielle Elsener of DECODE is the mastermind and producer behind this. Bonus: every piece is made in NYC.

Innovative Ergonomics when done right work with your body, rather than against it. We’ve developed three specialized constructions with Rickard Lindqvist, PhD.—a hoodie (used for the Vaunker genesis drop), a shell jacket, and shell pants—which introduce his innovative pattern cutting approach never seen before in (recorded) history 👽

KONG SiLo Chip Technology imbues physicals with cold wallet storage capabilities, meaning two-way interactions and perpetual upgrades/retroactive airdrops.

Red-Pilling Producers into DAO tooling, and streaming tokens to seamstresses/seamsters so that they become vested in every project they touch, is a worldwide revolution the fashion industry never saw coming. We call it the network effect of empowerment, and we’re doing our small part to get this party started.

What We GOTS

Our studio is set up for tinkering and prototyping. Our range of machines replicates the standard processes available to us through our network of producers. We’re here to hack with what we have, innovating on construction and decoration without disrupting our producers’ workflow. We coy like that.

Areas of most interest to us on the construction & design front are: modularity, fabric manipulation, traditional/ethnic craft innovation and provenance, tech fibers, digital printing techniques, natural fibers and biomaterials, procedural pattern design, digital prototyping, and flexible sizing.

We also aim to be a funding body and networking nexus for local schools, platforms, and researchers, because this city is a hub for smarts but a wasteland for market fit.


Machines / Setup

  • home quilting machine
  • home sewing machine
  • home overlock machine
  • commercial 10-needle embroidery machine
  • cutting table


  • pattern making
  • menswear tailoring
  • production-ready tech packs
  • embroidery design
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Fluent Mandarin, German, Italian, Japanese, French, Spanish, and English


  • screen printing
  • computerized jacquard weaving


Machines / Setup

  • coverstitch machine
  • photo wall + lighting
  • magnetic embroidery hooping station + frames
  • heat press


  • CLO3D
  • screen printing


  • cut & sew (Poland)
  • custom trims (Greece, Italy)

Still Not / Be Still My Heart


  • care tag thermal printer
  • industrial running stitch machine


  • 3D animation
  • Webflow / web design
  • High level graphic design
  • High level illustration


  • knitwear technician
  • fulfillment

Sag „Hallo!“

If you or someone you know can bring stillness to our collective heart then please get in touch. Specific projects will be outlined in the upcoming Grants section, which is the grounded way test for resonance. Most likely there will be a grant for each of the “Skills” and “Partners” points, so keep checking back until something piques your interest and aligns with your skills/access.

Or just visit us! Considering the last couple years of isolation and digital decentralized working, the novelty of having a showroom to meet up at will never wear off. Y physical? Y Berlin? This, and then the rest of it.