The Berlin Fashion Working Group aims to innovate across digital & metaversal fashion, textiles, and bespoke garment construction, serving as a nexus of collaboration among forward-thinking individuals and institutions alike.

The fashion industry landscape has been historically fragmented across convoluted supply chains, competing brands, and siloed institutions; we are in an exciting position to leverage web3 tools and bring collaborative creativity back to the forefront.

As a physical hub, we are equipped for agile prototyping, event hosting, and group learning. We host regular hackathons where material innovators can share skills and build upon each others' expertise and experiments.

As members of a DAO, we are experimenting with new levels of agency in shaping the direction we take, and supporting the wider fashion ecosystem through direct funding and tool sharing. We hope to model how participants at all level of the supply chain can move from hourly wage work, to financial and creative sovereignty.


Our agile pod of designers and technologists pivots around a core set of values, which we've outlined in the following charter:

  • Collaboration over competition: share platforms and marketplaces, cross-pollinate, and make "plus-sum"'s proof of concept even bigger than anyone imagined.
  • Provenance puts people first: digital signatures are not just about scarcity, as tracing the paths that got us here ultimately highlights the circulatory nature of ideas, contributions, and values, and connects us through shared input rather than sole ownership.
  • Sustainability: with new digital tools for rapid, iterative design, and fair trade // quality // unique? // provenance // canvas for collaboration -
  • quality > high volume/low margin.
  • circularity when possible, applied both to product creation and working group compensation*.